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Salalah and the Dhofar

- Salalah and the Dhofar - 

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17th Feb 2023 - 21st Feb 2023
18th Mar 2023 - 22nd Mar 2023

The Dhofar region of Oman is dramatic and completely different to the top end of Oman, with this tour being designed to showcase just how different. Starting and finishing in Salalah we head north following the stunning coastal route with our first night camping at a coastal oasis before retracing our steps back to Salalah the next morning. Passing thru Salalah, we make our way to Dalkut via Mugshayl beach and blowhole, with the roads to the Yemen border being comparable to anything in the European Alps!

We then head inland following the Oman/Yemen border and bare witness to ancient gullies and plateaus that make for an incredible panaroma in contrast to the coast we have just left behind. Continuing further inland in search of the Empty Quarter we pass thru Al Mazyunah and the remote Police post of Kubat An Nisr before arriving at the gateway to the Empty Quarter - Al Hishman. 

The ‘Rub Al Khail’ or Empty Quarter is one of the largest expanses of sand desert in the world with some dunes reaching 200+ meters in height and it is through this massive expanse of sand, that is coincidentally classed as being ‘Hyper-Arid’ with typically less than 3cm of annual average rainfall, that we seek out our overnight accomodation in close proximity to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia border.

Upon breaking camp we then bid farewell to the Empty Quarter and ride towards the 'Lost City of Ubar', before continuing on to Salalah and exploring Wadi Derbat, the frankincense musuem and the old quarter.

Few tourists will ever see what is on offer in this part of Oman - so don't forget the Go Pro!