Useful links & information

Useful Information and Links


Ministry of Tourism, Sultanate of OmanOfficial website Ministry of Tourism, Sultanate of Oman

Oman Royal Opera House

Big Bus Tour Explore Muscat with the Big Bus

Destination Oman, The DestinationOman website and book, are both endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism in Oman and have won rave reviews and accolades in the local and international media on numerous occasions

QJQ World - Video from Oman This video gives a unique insights to the history of Oman and the Omani culture.

Geological Wonders of Oman A short film by the Geological Society of Oman (2012) about the geological wonders in Oman. The movie has been broadcasted on Oman TV a number of times

The weather in Oman The sun is shining most days in Oman, and it can get very hot during day times. It is important that all riders ensure that they drink enough to avoid dehydration 

Turkana in the media

Two wheels and an open road: Motorcycling through Oman - read what Stephen Scourfield, Travel Editor @ West Travel Club, thinks about traveling in Oman with Turkana Motorcycle Adventure Tours

THE TRAVEL CLUB SHOW: Motorcycling in Oman. Watch the show here

Oh Man, Oman, follow us on a round trip in Oman - page 66-75.

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World on Wheels Personally guided motorbike tours across exotic destinations like Turkey, Bolivia, Peru, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Morocco, Iceland, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa

Alex Chacon  and the Modern Motorcycle Diaries Alex loves Oman as much as we do – have a look at his adventures from Oman 


Oman - Our Favourite Eats!

Copper Restaurant Muscat | Baba Salem Muscat | Wadi Ash Shab Hotel | Ibri Oasis Hotel | Hatta Fort Hotel | al amajid restaurant Ras Al Hadd