Road Conditions

The riding conditions in Oman vary from being excellent multi-lane asphalt highways, hard pack dirt & gravel to rocky mountain trails, beach riding & desert sands, with the particular road conditions encountered being dependant on the individual tour.

Some of the hazards & obstacles that riders may encounter can include stray animals such as camels, donkeys & goats, wayward children, errant drivers, sand & gravel as well as rocks on the road and the obligatory potholes.

In Oman you will drive on the opposite side of the road compared to Australia (or the same as in the USA) with an International Drivers licence being acceptable for short term visits and holidaying.

There are speed cameras in existence with the speed limit on major highways being 120km/h and 50 km/h in built up areas and yes ALL speed & traffic related fines are paid by the rider concerned.

Whilst passing through small villages and towns it is respectful to SLOW down, not only for safety reasons, but also, as not to disturb the residents. Please endeavour to reduce your noise emissions, especially when passing through these small villages, although this is easier said than done when we take into account Akrapovic & Staintune exhausts!

Although 80% of Oman is classified as desert, it does rain and with severe consequences, roads become slippery and dangerous with roads in the mountains becoming impassable in some cases.

Here at Turkana Motorcycle Adventure Tours your safety is paramount, so please understand if last minute changes are required to avoid situations developing that may compromise this. To know more please read these two articles from Muscat Daily Flooded Wadis and Car hits camel


  • When stopping for whatever reason, whether it be a toilet break or photo stop, please ensure you move off the road as far as possible.
  • Whilst in small villages children may flag you down and have you stop, with their next action being to grab the throttle and twist. Be aware of this, especially if the bike is running.
  • When travelling we use the ‘Corner Man’ system to ensure ALL riders follow the correct route. In brief, the ‘Corner Man’ system involves the second rider in line stopping and directing the following riders, ensuring everybody passes and takes the correct path or turn. He then moves off and re-joins the group when the last rider has passed.

  • We are here to help one another and work together to make the trip as pleasant & enjoyable as possible for everyone. Some riders will want to go faster and may well be more accomplished, other riders may choose to stop and take pictures. Please understand that everyone will be of a differing level of experience and skill, so please be patient and appreciative of this.

  • We may well encounter Police &/or Military checkpoints whilst touring Oman, these are nothing out of the ordinary and there is no reason to be concerned. They will ask for identity documents i.e passport and drivers licence + possibly bike insurance details. These guys are only doing a job like the rest of us, so please be helpful and appreciative of this. Smile & I’m sure they will want to know how you are enjoying their country.

  • Make sure to keep far enough away from other riders. Please ensure enough SPACE is between you and the adjacent rider. The last thing we want is for one rider to fall and the rider behind or adjacent gets to go over as well. Give yourselves plenty of room to manoeuvre.
  • SPEEDBUMPS - These can be expected when entering and exiting small towns and villages and also signalling the start and finish of roadworks. They usually are the same colour as the road surface and are not signposted and maybe marked by rocks either side of road... Please be careful
  • Wandering Stock - Camels, Goats, Donkeys & Cattle. In general there are no stock fences so expect stock to be able to wander freely on and off the road and for this very reason we avoid riding at dusk and at night.
  • WADI'S - When traversing Wadi's, some may have water flowing and as such it can become extremely slippery when crossing these water courses. Just as bad in fact as riding on ice. - Please be very cautious of this - Also if it looks like rain, stay well clear of wadi's in general, with many people having lost their lives during flashfloods in Wadi's.