So what do I need to bring along?

What do I need to bring along?

The riding season in Oman lasts approximately 5 months from early November to late March, with this period typically winter & outside of this period it just gets too hot!

Whilst it maybe winter on the Arabian Peninsula, daytime temperatures can still reach 300C + and on the mountains it may dip to below 100C.

Oh and I almost forgot, it can rain as well. And when it does, it can really rain..

Read more about weather conditions here

It goes without saying, that here at Turkana Motorcycle Adventure Tours your safety and well-being are paramount. If required, our tour itinerary may change to avoid perilous situations arising.

We would like to ensure everybody gains as much as possible out of their respective trip, whether that has you hiring a motorcycle for a self-guided tour or joining one of our scheduled tours, we would kindly suggest - we would implore you to read up on Oman and find out as much as you can before arriving here on the Arabian Peninsula to help you understand and appreciate a truly incredible part of the world.

With Oman being 80% desert it is imperative that you have something similar to a Camel Pak or are able to rehydrate on a regular basis, preferably whilst you’re riding. This will enable you to maintain your level of concentration and reduce rider fatigue. We all know what happens when we get fatigued and our concentration levels drop...

Oman is a very conservative country, so please wear clothing that respects this. Light cotton long sleeved shirts & light cotton or polyester trousers always work well and can stop sun burn as well as mosquitoes & middgies of an evening (please bring a small quantity of bug repellant). Good sturdy walking shoes for clambering thru Wadi’s, exploring the various Souqs and meandering around Muscat would be ideal. If the ladies in the group can please ensure their shoulders are covered and no head covering is required in Oman.

As for riding gear, if you’re prepared to ride around in T-shirt, thongs and shorts then unfortunately our tours are not for you. We can traverse dirt and rocky roads, so in the interest of preserving your health and overall wellbeing, we recommend you wear appropriate riding attire. We do not provide riding gear, so please ensure to bring along you're own helmet, gloves, jacket, boots e.t.c  

Please pack small and light whilst on tour, space is limited and not all tours have a support vehicle following. We recommend a small duffle type bag, with a water & dust proof zipper. Any baggage not required directly for the tour can be left free of charge, for your collection upon return to the tour start point.

CASH...yep, you need it and it can be exchanged easily and readily on arrival at very competitive rates. Please bring along ~$600AUD, with Omani Riyal & UAE Dirham both accepted in Oman. Travellers cheques are much more difficult and cumbersome to use, and we would discourage you from bringing them.

Alcohol is not permitted whilst crossing International land borders to & from Oman & it will be confiscated, however alcohol maybe purchased from western hotels in larger towns whilst in Oman.

Electronic storage devices e.g. Portable hard drives, Camera’s, Laptops, Tablets & phones should be screened & cleaned of any raunchy or untoward material before arrival on the Arabian Peninsula.

Be flexible and easy going, routes may have to change to accommodate unforeseen circumstances arising such as weather e.g. sand storms, thunderstorms, floods e.t.c

Most importantly of all, bring a sense of adventure and a barrel of humour, as well as a camera to record what surely will be an unforgettable experience.