Our Bikes


So you’re considering joining one of our tours in Oman or perhaps even hiring a motorcycle from us and would like to know a little more about our bikes?

Our fleet of bikes currently consists of Yamaha T700's, Honda Africa Twin's, BMW 1250 GS HP's, HD Pan America and soon to arrive Husqvarna Norden 901's. 

I'm sure you would agree, that's a great selection of Adventure bikes suited to explore what Oman and the Arabian Penisula has to offer! 

All our bikes are maintained and serviced to a high standard so as to ensure reliability, with safety and rider enjoyment being our priority. After all, what’s the point in travelling all the way to the Arabian Peninsula and not have a bike that will get you to where you want go! 

We work on the basis of you damage the bike, you fix it. Although we accept ‘fair wear & tear’ we fully expect riders to respect their bike and to take responsibility for their actions. Any replacement parts required due to negligence or ‘tom foolery’ will be quoted as per dealer prices. 

If it is evident a motorcycle has been abused, the rider will be asked to leave the tour and transport will be arranged for them back to their respective tour start point, that being either Dubai or Muscat. 

A full brief on the operation of the bike will be given to tour participants before hire or tour commencement, with the first day of each tour being classed as a ‘Familiarization Day’ to allow riders to become accustomed to their respective bikes and their handling characteristics. 

Any questions? Send us an email to hello@turkanamotorcycleadventures.com