So you’re considering booking a tour or hiring a motorcycle to see Oman, but you’re wondering just what is on offer with regards to food and where we’ll have you stay each night?

Omani food

Firstly, traditional Omani cuisine is fairly simple; typically a rice based dish such as Biryani is cooked with beef, mutton, chicken or fish, which has been marinated in a blend of herbs & spices. The country’s restaurants serve up a range of excellent cuisine, particularly locally caught seafood. Both meat lovers and vegetarians will find plenty of choice on local menus.

In Oman, local Omani’s will eat their meal with the right hand, with the main meal usually being eaten at midday, while a lighter meal is typically served in the evening. Dishes such as Maqbous, which is saffron coloured rice cooked over spicy meat, skewered meats & fish (kebabs) are often served with flat bread (khoubz). Harees is a staple wheat-based dish with chicken, tomato, onion and seasoning. Fish & shellfish are used widely in dishes such as Mashuai – whole spit roasted kingfish served with lemon rice, while salads can include Fattoush & Tabbouleh although simple salads made of cucumber, tomato, carrot and lime are common as well. Desserts could include Halwa, Umm Ali or Muhallebia all of which are delectable!

Not only can you feast on exotic foods in the numerous five-star hotels, but you can also find cheaper options like shawarmas and falafel at the many street cafes and independent restaurants. And yes, western fast food chains like KFC, Starbucks & McDonalds are also available.


With regards to accommodation we generally seek out providers who can offer clean, safe and comfortable rooms that represent value for money. When staying in Muscat for example our first preference at the time of writing is the Crowne Plaza Muscat

In Dubai we currently have two choices of accommodation we utilize: Millenium Airport Hotel and Premier Inn Dubai International Airport.

Whilst in Nizwa, The Golden Tulip Hotel is currently our preferred layover stop. In Mirbat, which is our first night stop when visiting Salalah we utilize the MarriotWhen we stop in Duqm on our way to Salalah we prefer the Crowne Plaza.

In certain locations the choice of accommodation provider is limited but no less of a quality befitting our tours in Oman, such as in the Wahiba Sands or Jebel Shams.


Camping is by far a unique experience in Oman because you can set-up camp for the night pretty much anywhere and enjoy the star show above with few rules as to where you can and cannot camp. Whilst camping is very popular with the local Omani’s it is also safe, with camping almost being a national past time.

When camping in the Empty Quarter we even have a preference for not using tents so our guests can truly appreciate the stars and light show above them! The chance of rain being somewhat small...even infinitesimal. Notwithstanding our guest’s do have the option of using a tent if they so choose with camp beds and swags being our choice of accommodation for the night.