Cultural Considerations

Traveling in Oman - Cultural Considerations 

Oman has managed to retain a very strong cultural identity over the centuries and they have to this day placed great significance on this, with the people of Oman being some of the finest you will ever meet in your travels abroad.

Being a society based on Islam there are certain taboos that need to be understood and respected.

  • Dress appropriately for the situation. For example, please don’t wear your swimming attire anywhere but when you go swimming and not in the local shopping mall. Dress modestly and bare in mind that what might be acceptable in your home country may not be seen as being appropriate in Oman. In general, please ensure knees and shoulders are covered
  • Be respectful of people’s property.
  • Don’t be loud, arrogant or over bearing. Remember you have two ears and one mouth, which means you listen to twice as much as what you say!
  • Pork is taboo & not consumed by Muslims, but can be found and consumed in some Hotels and private residences.
  • Alcohol is not consumed by Muslims and the laws are very strict. Expect to be searched when crossing land borders. Notwithstanding, alcohol is served in some western Hotels in bigger towns and cities.
  • If you, as a visitor to Oman can show kindness, patience, tolerance, humility & respect to the local population you will endear yourself and the country you come from to the local Omani’s. Please remember, we are all ambassadors for our respective home countries.
  • During your stay in Oman you may well visit or pass thru small villages. Please keep the dust down to a minimum that is generated from your bike as well as the noise where possible. Akrapovic & Staintune exhausts are not necessarily good at this...
  • Always ask for permission BEFORE taking photos of the local people and especially women and children.
  • Please Do Not take photo’s whilst crossing International Borders, around major infrastructure such as airports, military installations & Oil & Gas facilities. This will attract all the wrong sort of attention...
  • Electronic storage devices e.g. Portable hard drives, Memory Sticks, Camera’s, Laptops, Tablets & phones should be screened & cleaned of any raunchy or untoward material before arrival on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • In the Muslim faith the left hand is only used for performing ablutions & it would be seen as an offence for you to use it otherwise.
  • No kissing or smooching in public either.

That’s about all, apologies if this has come across as being too strong in nature but it’s very important to convey these points early, as it will ensure everybody will enjoy their time in Oman and not be left languishing at some border post trying to explain themselves.

We trust these points will only serve or allow you to greater enjoy your time in Oman!