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Turkana Motorcycle Adventure Tours - Explore Oman with us!

Turkana Motorcycle Adventure Tours are a small family run business based on the Arabian Peninsula that was founded in 2016, and our mission is to show avid motorcyclists the Sultanate of Oman!

After having spent several thousand kilometres exploring everything Oman has to offer and ‘chewing the fat’ so to speak with other fellow motorcyclists, it was decided that motorcyclists the world over should be able to come and see for themselves just what makes Oman such a special destination. There really is no comparison, it’s that different & unique!

Having completed numerous tours abroad ourselves, it further convinced us to take our idea a step closer whilst touring through Africa in 2012. It was stunning, remote and beautiful all at the same time - not unlike Oman and the idea was born.

Since then we have steadily been building our fleet, predominantly KTM 990 Adventures, planning our routes & making preparations for our inaugural trip in November 2016.

We have scheduled tours that are escorted and are generally accompanied by a support vehicle, as well as self-guided tours where bikes can be hired by individuals and they themselves can tour Oman at their leisure. You can even bring your own motorcycle if you wish!

You may ask why KTM 990 Adventures? A simply answer to this would be that they are tried and proven. They are comfortable, both on road and off road and are also very capable in the rough, as well as being able to chew up BIG distances at pace whilst traversing Oman. Let’s not forget the LC8 engine is tough, reliable & has a fearsome reputation!

To truly appreciate and discover everything Oman has to offer, you cannot just stay on the bitumen – the Mountains, Wadi’s, Beaches and Deserts all need to be explored in their entirety. 

I’m sure if you decide to visit us here in Oman & on the Arabian Peninsula you will not be disappointed!